Framework of Organizational Process Asset Library

Framework of Organizational Process Asset Library


In the theories of the CMMI and in the process improvement of the high maturity level OPAL has five sections:


SPL stands for standard process library of the organization. LML stands for the lifecycle model library and TGL for tailoring guideline library, RDL related document repository and MR measurement repository.

In OPAL organization process assets have iterative process of project development.

Framework of Organizational Process Asset LibraryFramework of Organizational Process Asset Library


Standard process and lifecycle model is the foundation of defining the process and other establishing asset. These are also the base for the effective and consistent execution of the process.

a). Organizational Standard Process Library

Standard process of the organization has defined sub process and every sub process has input artifacts, description, and output artifact and has the role and responsibility of the activity.  So standard processes can be defined as

SPs = {PId, P,{In}, EnC,{SSP}, R,Me,Ver,{Out}, ExC,{To}, FP}


Terms used are ; Process identification (PId) ,purpose (P), entry criteria (EnC), input artifacts ({In}), set of sub processes ({SSP}), role responsibility (R), measure (Me) verification steps (Ver), output artifact ({Out}) ,exit criteria(ExC) ,support tools({To}) and father process (FP) .


  1. Lifecycle Model Library

Lifecycle specifies the time of product to be completed it starts with the conceive of the product and ends when product does not remain usable. Different models are used for the lifecycle model library. Lifecycle model will be defined :

LM ={LMId,LMN, Phai ,LMC | ieN }

LMId is the identification and LMN is the name of model, Phai is phase of the model and LMC is the characteristic of the model.


c) Tailoring Guideline Library And Related Document Library

Tailoring guidelines are the rules which are predefined which are instituted on structural dependencies and these rules helps to solve the problems and tailor the problem. Tailoring guidelines are defined as:


TG ={Id,Cod, Act, R,Cot,O}

In this Cod is the condition of the tailoring and Act is the activity on which tailoring operation is tailored. Cot is for context which to be tailored and O is for operation which is going to execute.

d) Related Document Library

This is the support portion process improvement. In this document experience recorded. In related document library there is experience library which keeps the record of the process improvement experience. It has guidelines and references and have document reference value. Tool used in deployment are also recorded in its tool library.

e) Measurement Repository

In high maturity level process improvement measurement repository is the base and have include objective repository, benchmark repository, process database and process performance and also include process performance modle repository . So it can be defined as:


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