Software Process Improvement; Initiating phase of the model

Software Process Improvement

Software Process Improvement


Software Process Improvement; Initiating phase of the model


Suppose there is a software development organization ABC Pvt. Ltd., currently at CMMI level 1. There are a number of projects available in the market which will be allocated to only those organizations that are at CMMI level 3. The ABC Pvt. Ltd. intends to adopt  IDEAL model for process improvement to attain CMMI level 3. Explain how the organization will go through the “Initiating” phase of the model.


Software Process Improvement; Initiating phase of the model 


The organization will go through in the Initiating Phase of the model as:


  • First of all organization will see its decisive basis for adopting this model.
  • Organization will also describe its business reasons clearly.
  • Business objectives and goals will be identified by the organization because these have effect on the overall working of the organization.
  • Organization’s critical managers have secured support for the organization and the resources are divided upon the level basis. Then infrastructure is constructed for the implementation detail for the organization.
  • Organization will create motivation for change because it has great importance for the gaining the objectives. If organization is not ready to adopt changes then it will be very difficult to adopt this model. It has great affect on the organization.
  • In this phase organization motivation is most important for the adoption of this model. Because if the organization adopt the change then there are lot of chances of success of the organization


Following are the Steps of the Initiating phase:

These are the steps of the initiating phase;

Set Context

First step after clearly defining the business reasons is setting the context of the work of the organization which will be done by the organization. By setting the context we clearly define the effort which is fit according to the business strategy and it describe the goals and objectives of the business. It defines what will be affect on other activities of the organization and also show what will be benefit from this. Context is very important for the success of the adoption of the model.

 Build Sponsorship

After setting the context commitment of the key sponsors is one of the main factors for the adopting this model and for improving the efforts which are done. If the sponsorship level is good then there will be lot of chances for adopting the model and to improve the efforts. For this management support is also very important. If the sponsors take personal attention for the improvement and the resources are committed then it will be more beneficial for the organization.


Charter Infrastructure

After the above mentioned steps charter infrastructure is the next step. In this step a mechanism is constructed for the implementation and managing the effort. It may be permanent or on temporary basis for the adoption of the model. Size and complexity of the organization is dependent on the improvement nature. It may be small for small organization and for big organization it may include more number of employees. While making the charter for the infrastructure written agreement and responsibilities should be described. If the charter is good and activities are done according to charter then the required objectives and goals can be achieved. If the charter is not properly maintained then it will cause a loss of effort, time and resources.

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