Jazz daily internet packages detail

Jazz daily internet packages

Jazz is one of the largest mobile network and internet service providers in Pakistan and has variety of services for postpaid and prepaid customers. By knowing the requirements of the customers it has daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly internet packages. Because it has different package so first of all following is the list of the jazz daily internet packages.

Daily Internet Packages

Package NameValidityPackage DetailsSubscription FeeSubscription Code
Daily Social Recursive 1 Day200 MB (Facebook and WhatsApp)RS. 5.98*455#
Daily Social 1 Day500 MB Data (Facebook, WhatsApp & IMO) RS. 7*114*5#
Daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle1 Day10 MB (WhatsApp) 1800 SMSRS. 7.2*334#
Internet Daily Browser1 Day50 MBRS. 11.95*117*11#
Daily Day Bundle 1 Day20 MB 300 Jazz Min and 300 SMSRs. 13*340#
Daily Super1 Day150 MB Data 1440 Jazz Min and 50 SMSRs. 17*212#
Internet Hourly Extreme2 Hours2000 MBRs. 20.32*846#
Daily Peak Off Peak1 Day100 MB (24 Hours) 1.1 GB (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)RS. 24*117*4#
Super Plus Bundle1 Day500 MB 500 Jazz Min 5 Off Net Min and 500 SMSRs. 28*558#

Daily Internet Packages

3 Days Internet Packages

Weekly Internet Packages

Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz daily internet packages have different terms and conditions. Jazz terms and conditions applies accordingly on all packages so it may vary time to time. There may be some packages that are for limited time so they may discontinue at any time. So keep in touch with terms and conditions of the jazz packages from Jazz.

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